The Essence Of Missie

Peace & Love

I Am Humbled to have you Join Me for a while,
On My Wonderful World Tour.
The Creative Journey of My Unique Exciting Diverse Abundant Fruitful Creative Sucessful Inspirational Spiritual & Hard Working Suprising Enjoyable Challenging Life.

I Am A combination of the most Delicious Ingredients.Chilly London England Mixed With Hot Jamaican Spices served up on a Bed Of Rose Tulips Living in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

I Heard It Through The Grape vine that My Singing is A Uniqe Rich Spiritual Cocktail of Warmth, Depth, Elegance, Sophistiaction, Soul Connecting, Power & Deeply Touching that blend Angelically with the Colours of the Rainbow moving Souls through all ranges of emotions from the inside out. Which I must say Is Very Deeply Humbling & Quite An Aomazing Grace Heart Warming Feeling. So I Am Thanking you All from my Heart for these Very Humbling words.

As Long as I can remember even as a little child i wake up hearing the sound of a Big Band combined with the Symphony Orchestra in my head..Words Harmonies & Melodies are always floating around. I even wake up singing beautiful musical notes & speaking operatically. Flying out of bed in the night to quikly write some text or onto a piece of paper or sing a melody into my tape recorder.

I still find this quite amusing after all this time.

I always knew that the stage is & was my Home.Home is where my heart is & My heart is on stage. I use to drive my Family a little Honey Nut Loops with my singing sometimes. Instead of speaking I would sing my conversations very Operatically & Theatrically. Of course My Mind Body Spirit & Soul are filled with other wonderful fulfilling passions still my heart breathes music,lyrics & words in & out which beats the blood that pumps through my veins melodically.

Singing feels like a fountain inside of my Body Temple. To share  & exchange the energy in a room to feel it & visually watch it change.When I Am Acting & Performing. It is The Instant Giving & Recieving that fills my cup & Makes my cup runneth over. I do have a love affair with words that pour out of my soul when writing Poetry Songs Short Stories Spiritual dialoguues & Lyrics. I love words with a Passion.

The Battersea Arts Centre really opened up my eyes. This became a life saver for me.Also for Mamma Gg As i do recall. I felt like Aladin who just rubbed the lamp or even like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Mamma Gg i felt was relieved to know that we were safe & doing something creative & out from under her feet. Pappa Lr was working to provide for us all. This man my father  worked Hard. Wow. My Parents Both did. I Am so Grateful. Yes my siblings at first joined me at the B.A.C.I was the only one who was in my element & stayed there even when I did not have too.
I went happily joyfully. I could not wait.

The Battersea Arts Centre

The Battersea Arts Centre photo by Ewan-M via flickr

The B.A.C is A Beautiful Elegant Charming Historical Building WWW.B.A.C.Org.UK/.

Wow I siimply could not believe my eyes when i saw it & went inside. I felt Freedom Validation Safety Accepted & Undertstood. I knew that i belonged here instantly. There were people here with a Passion for Words Experession Creativity & Fantasy. I finally made the connection the pieces of my puzzle fit. I was Home.

My First Musical "Hit The Road Joe"

The B.A.C is where my Musical Career Started.

In The Hit Musical "Hit The Road Joe"..
With the Principle Lead Role ' Lullabelle '...

I remember going home telling My Mamma Gg. Yes I Got the part. We Performed for One Week At The Battersea Arts Centre Plus Touring in Oxford. Yes Yes Yes.!!!

My Blessed Nickname The Accapella Queen..

Feeling Energised & inspired I continued Singing Accapella in cafes like The Jazz Room, The Buzz Bar, The Round House. As I can hear the orchestra in my head having no musician to accompany me at that time, Accapella was my Roots. Performing with My Microphone & I. Sometimes I brought my music box with me. Pappa Lr would drive me & pick Me up when i brought my music box with me. If this was not provided.

This is how I Am Blessed with My Nickname: The Accapella Queen

The English National Opera

My Love for The Operatics & Opera Runs Deep. I Was Really Thrilled to Be A Member of the English National Opera Youth Theatre-Baylis Programe At the London Coliseum

(The Lillian Baylis Centre). One of the most Delightful & Empowering Memories for me was going to see Madame Butterfly Then Enjoying a group workshop with Mr Willard White The Famous Male Singer. With some of the cast from the Opera. Together We also got the chance to improvise on a set. Amazing Grace. What A Blessing.