My Love : Acting Drama & Comedy


My Love for Acting is An Ancient ingredient within my Genes,Sewn into my DNA.
Driving my family & friends wild or up the spout as we would say in England. With my constant Singing & Acting in the middle of any conversation. It has been said to me more than once that it would be great to see me do stand up comedy with all the characters that i act out when reading or even singing sometimes. Who knows What the Future Brings.?

I remember that i use to have my own cooking program in our kitchen on my imaginary Television. I use to fully imagine that i was a professional cook just like Miss Nigella Lawson or Mr Jamie Oliver. Or Mr Anisely Harriot. The same principle works for me Just as I can hear the live orchestra in my head i can also see the audience inside the studio i was talking too. I use to present my show it was great. I Had so much fun. The truth is that i was cooking the familly breakfast lunch or dinner as i did on a regular basis at home. Suddenly i would burst into Song & Character. One of my brothers who was a regular audience member would bring his friend some times to come & Watch. I use to have this movement that i use to make with my head & my hair Afro Style. Man Oh Man how we would laugh. As i would look into the imaginary lense of the imaginary camera. Wonderful Memories. These are the same kind of wonderful memories that remain within my soul about The BAttersea Ats Centre. I Use to go there with my other siblings to get out from under my Mamma Ggs feet. It was & is a great place to be.
The great part about this was that this was now real.No more imagination or make believe audience. A paying Audience. Being so passionate about the theatre that the directors would allow me to sit next to them & learn as much as i could. Wow. A very rewarding experience for me. Working in the Theatre & Performing on stage is like Magic to me.
It is a beautiful way to dig deep inside of myself & discover new things within myself. Challenging my own Views Ideas also Beliefs & My lifes experiences. A chance to recreate to live a fantasy to be someone other than my true self. Self Discovery Performing in the Theatre in these wonderful musicals. I have been so bBessed with these Rich Wonderful Roles performing with Talented Creative Inspirational Actors & Actrices Directors Choreographers Musical Directors. Amazing The call & response of energies. Musical Theatre is in my Soul My Veins I Breathe it in & I Breathe out. The Costumes,The Set, The Lights, The Props, The Make Up,The Warming Up, The Rehearsals. Sewing Seeds & Watching them Blossom. Wow.
Each day performing for me is like giving a plant water & feeling it blossom. The natural response of the audience is even better than Diamonds. Even though they are supposed to be a girls best friend. I would choose the audience every time.