Lyricist Writer & Poet

I Love words the way that words are formed the way that they fit together. Like the pieces of a grandfather clock a jigsaw puzzle or the ingredients that together compliment each other to make a great signature dish. Writting writting writting. I Am always writting something down somewhere or talking into my recorder. Writting Poetry is one of my favourite pass times. This is like Cleansing for me. All i need is a pencil & a piece of paper. Writting short stories & Monologues. Spiritual words to about life. Writting songs is a therapeutic pass time for me as long as i can remember. At the time i did not realise this.

I Still have alll the songs that i wrote from my youth untill now. This is something that i have shared with only me & my maker. Writting is a positive outlet for me. I Find it therapeutic cleansing & Healing from the iinside out. I would recommend this to anyone. Write all ones feelings out of ones mind & body. Exspress Yourself.

With My Love for Words , Music, & Poetry I feel really Blessed.
I Give My Paises & Thanks To The Devine to I Am Deeply Thankful Humhbled & Grateful.
Hallelujah & Amen.

Segments From Old Time Religion Written & Spoken By Missie Biellie-Dee Luewis ©