Television & Cinema


My Love for Acting runs like blood through my veins. One of my Passions has always been to perform in Drama, Soap Series, Films Commercials & Voice Overs. I Have been Blessed to have had a small taste of my dreams in many forms.I Just had a flashback. Remembering when i was a young girl. I use to pretend visualise & act out that i was performing in front of a live camera on the television. (more...)


Absolutely Fabulous

Commercials are hard work & a fun to be a part of. I have also been blessed to have Roles in Several Commercials. In both Radio & Television. Here are a few samples for you to enjoy. (more...)

Musical Theatre


Musical Josephine: Miss Molly

Josephine is A Musical About the Famous Miss Josephine Baker. Her Life & Her Journey.

The Character: Miss Molly Performing Live..

Miss Molly Is The Surrogate Mother who looks after Josephine.When she runs away from her home at the time she is found by Miss Molly Living & Sleeping On the streets.Miss Molly takes her under her wings.Helps Loves Encourages & Supports her until Josephine finds her way in life. They remain In each others lives even after Miss Josephine Is living a well established & Successful life. Playing the part of Miss Molly Was Great I Loved It.. I Always Felt As if i Was Josephines Mother as if she was my child.. So watching her struggle & Strive to make a succesfull life really made me Miss Molly want to embrace her & her love for life even more. Often when I play a Character there is only so much that the Visual eye can see. The rest Is all Emotions.. being able to portray this that the audience also feels what I Am feeling..

Mother Too Mother

Meeting Miss Carrie in the Wedding scense was such a delightful & emotional Moment for Miss Molly..Here I Was Miss Molly Loving Josephine as my own child & Now I Was Able To Look Miss Carrie In the Eye Which Felt to me Miss Molly as the giving & recieving From One Mother To Another... This was Really Such A Special & Unique Moment in the Show for Me Performing the Role Miss Molly.. T'aint What You Do It's The Way That You Do It. Taint What You Do It's Way That You Do It.T'aint What You Do It's The Way That You Do It That's What Gets Results..

Please Click Here to View Scenes: Miss Molly With Josephine, Miss Carrie & The Cast..

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