The Essence Of Missie

Peace & Love

I Am Humbled to have you Join Me for a while,
On My Wonderful World Tour.
The Creative Journey of My Unique Exciting Diverse Abundant Fruitful Creative Sucessful Inspirational Spiritual & Hard Working Suprising Enjoyable Challenging Life.

I Am A combination of the most Delicious Ingredients.Chilly London England Mixed With Hot Jamaican Spices served up on a Bed Of Rose Tulips Living in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

I Heard It Through The Grape vine that My Singing is A Uniqe Rich Spiritual Cocktail of Warmth, Depth, Elegance, Sophistiaction, Soul Connecting, Power & Deeply Touching that blend Angelically with the Colours of the Rainbow moving Souls through all ranges of emotions from the inside out. Which I must say Is Very Deeply Humbling & Quite An Aomazing Grace Heart Warming Feeling. So I Am Thanking you All from my Heart for these Very Humbling words. (more...)

Musical Theatre


How Inspiring Special & Unique was this. Wow.
This fundermentally deeply inspired me lead me to become a part of Theatrical History.


Miss Hattie McDaniel
Gone With The Wind

I Remember Auditioning for this Role Standing before the Piano with the Musical Director The Director & The Choreographer. The Heat Is On.! I was Ready For this Role. I Was Blessed. In The Hit Musical " Showboat " With The Lead Principle Role of 'Queenie' I feel Married to this Role. Working together with The Croydon Stagers Theatre Company. We Perfomed in the Ashcroft Theatre-Fair Field Halls. This was Heaven on Earth. A Fantastic Cast. The time of my life I thought. Still this was just the begining.

I Remember As if it was yesterday standing talking to a friend. I Said out Loud "I Am going to Perform in the West End Theatres very very soon". He looked at me as if i was Crazy with the question mark How are you ??. I Looked At Him & Before he asked I Said "Just you wait and see" (more...)

My Love : Acting Drama & Comedy


My Love for Acting is An Ancient ingredient within my Genes,Sewn into my DNA.
Driving my family & friends wild or up the spout as we would say in England. With my constant Singing & Acting in the middle of any conversation. It has been said to me more than once that it would be great to see me do stand up comedy with all the characters that i act out when reading or even singing sometimes. Who knows What the Future Brings.? (more...)

The Voice: Guest Solo Artist

Knowledge & Wisdom

As well as my love for performing in the Theatre. I Am & feel Truly Blessed to stand & Perform as a Solo Guest Artist. Nine out of ten times even when i am silent i am singing inside of my heart. I Have been singing as long as my mind can remember.. Music is deeply important to me the ability to exspress it even more so. When i was not studying writting songs cooking or cleaning you can guarantee that i was Singing. My Neighbours loved it. They even asked me to open my windows & Sing. Summer time & The Living is easy.
I Have wonderful memories (more...)

Lyricist Writer & Poet

I Love words the way that words are formed the way that they fit together. Like the pieces of a grandfather clock a jigsaw puzzle or the ingredients that together compliment each other to make a great signature dish. Writting writting writting. I Am always writting something down somewhere or talking into my recorder. Writting Poetry is one of my favourite pass times. This is like Cleansing for me. All i need is a pencil & a piece of paper. Writting short stories & Monologues. Spiritual words to about life. Writting songs is a therapeutic pass time for me as long as i can remember. At the time i did not realise this. (more...)