Television & Cinema


My Love for Acting runs like blood through my veins. One of my Passions has always been to perform in Drama, Soap Series, Films Commercials & Voice Overs. I Have been Blessed to have had a small taste of my dreams in many forms.I Just had a flashback. Remembering when i was a young girl. I use to pretend visualise & act out that i was performing in front of a live camera on the television.


Yes My Famous Cooking Program & My Talk Show. Oprah I Unique.So performing the Role of Talk Show Host a In a short film called Zap was fabulous. Direector Mr Paul Ruven. Part of the Dutch Film Festival Utrecht & The International film Festival Rotterdam. I Can really understand why Miss Oprah Enjoys her job. We Had Fun.

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The Opposite Of

Film is the opposite of theatre when it comes to acting. When performing in theatre one can act quite Flamboyant Eccentric.Yes over the top just a little. The audience have a peripheral advantage. Seeing from a distance.On Film the camera is the physical eye which is at a peripheral disadvantage. Up Close & personal. They see every spilt second with a focus on every minute detailed expression. Be this with the human body language or with material things. How I love this so. This feeds My soul. Giving the director what he or she Wants Needs & Invisions in a split second.
The same is to be said about commercials also instant reaction.Take One.!


My time on the set with the cast of "Flodder" was great. I Played the Guest Role of the 'Coffee Lady'. In the Episode The Computer Koorts. Walking around with that tray was funny. I kept walking some times to fast that the coffee cups kept falling off. Exagerating my walk. Speaking in dutch. This was great. The Cast who were present were really welcoming. The Director was Fantastic. A Cool Man.

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Flodder Comedy Serie, Actress-Guest Role Coffee Lady.. Episode-Computer Koorts..

Ben Zo Terug

Working on the set with the cast of the Comedy Series " Ben Zo Terug" was fantastic.
I Played the Role Of ' Mevrouw/Miss Wakki ' In the Episode "The Suprise". It was wonderful perfoming for a live audience. Especially when i started singing Oh Happy Day whilst walking a Cake..!!


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Ben Zo Terug Comedy Serie, Actress~Guest Role 'Mv Wakki'.Episode 'The Suprise'

Onderweg Naar Morgen

One of my Hallelujah Moments came when i recieved a telephone call saying that i had to go & make a screen test for a guest role in a soap serie. I went to Harry Klooster Castings to give my screen test. It was very challenging to say the least. In Dutch.!! It was definately worth it. I recieved great news saying that i got the Job in the Drama Soap Series "Onderweg Naar Morgen" Playing the Guest Role Of 'Miss Louisa Do Carmo' A Brazilian/Portuguese Mamma. The mother of the young footballer in the series at the time Bento Do Carmo. Played by Mr J Wells. I Had the time of my life. I was challenged with learning a new language with a speech coach. Brazilian/Portuguese. With a minimum of days to learn the role before my first day of shooting the serie. Exciting Creative & Challenging. I Just loved the cast the atmosphere being part of their family was heavenly. I felt so welcome. When my son Bento in the serise died. Mamma was written out of the serie. So i had to leave. I really wanted to stay & see just how much more i could learn through this experience. Still thats life one door closes & another one opens. I would go back today if they asked me again.!! Yiphee.


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Onderweg Naar Morgen~Drama Soap Serie Actress~Guest Role-'Miss Louisa Do Carmo


The African Language as i mentioned before intrigues me. Performing the Role Of The 'African Mamma' in one of the Six Episodes of the Serie "Erwtje" From Sylvia Holstijn.This Was a lot of fun..Working with the Children in this episode Reminded me of my time when i use to work with the children before I started working as an Actrice & Singer fulltime. How I Miss the children. The calling to sing was more powerful. We had so much fun on the set. Children running after me with water ballons. Me doing my best to get away. Teaching them to sing the chorus of the African Song. They were wonderful. How quickly they learn. Wow. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. How i wonder how you are. I Can still remember all the Text from the African Song.

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Erwtje x6 Childrens Stories..By Sylvia Holstiijn..Actress & Singer..Episode~African Mamma

Lebbis & Jansen

Meeting Lebbis & Jansen was simply Hysterical. I Sang & performed the Leader Song For their Program "Trots Van Nerderland". Mr Mike Starink was there to meet me up & guide me through. These two men Lebbis & Jansen are so so funny. I really had to ask them to stop making me laugh so much. I laughed until i cried working with the two of them. I really enjoyed working with them. Absolutely fabulous Hilarious Memories!!! Thanks Mike Lebbis & Jansen.

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Trots Van Nederland Singer & Acrtress~ Leader For The Program...



A wonderful exciting moment for me to be part of A Movie.Called "Down". The Remake of the Lift a famous movie in the Netherlands. I Played the role of 'Janet'. This was a big Happening. A huge wonderful cast. Directed By Mr Dick Maas.

De Avond Programma At5

Singing in a live show is very satisfying. Oh Yes. Suprise Suprise. I Sang In the Show De Avond Programme. Meeting Presenter Mr Theodoor Hollman In A Cafe In Amsterdam. It was A lot of Fun. With Mr Lorand Sarna Playing The Guitar. Singing I Will Survive & Cry Me A River. Live.!!

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Missie Biellie-Dee.. Singing Live,Guitar Mr Lorand Sarna I Will Survive & Cry Me A River

Johnny Bingo

More recently It was my pleasure to work with a joyful cast in the Movie Called "Johnny Bingo" A Small role. Missie. A Short Story Both Written & Directed By Mr Hesdy Lonwijk. A really Touching story. Time flew by so quickly. I wanted to keep on shooting. Good Luck Mr H Lonwijk.


Comfort Day

The Comfort Day/Troostdag is a day where loved ones can Come & Remember be Remembered They are free to Feel their feelings Release their pain & Emotions. Sharing together the loss of their loved ones. This is A Blessing. I Had the Opportunity to work with Miss Karin Ten Kate.

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The Video of the Comfort Day./Troostdag Live ..