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Musical Josephine: Miss Molly

Josephine is A Musical About the Famous Miss Josephine Baker. Her Life & Her Journey.

The Character: Miss Molly Performing Live..

Miss Molly Is The Surrogate Mother who looks after Josephine.When she runs away from her home at the time she is found by Miss Molly Living & Sleeping On the streets.Miss Molly takes her under her wings.Helps Loves Encourages & Supports her until Josephine finds her way in life. They remain In each others lives even after Miss Josephine Is living a well established & Successful life. Playing the part of Miss Molly Was Great I Loved It.. I Always Felt As if i Was Josephines Mother as if she was my child.. So watching her struggle & Strive to make a succesfull life really made me Miss Molly want to embrace her & her love for life even more. Often when I play a Character there is only so much that the Visual eye can see. The rest Is all Emotions.. being able to portray this that the audience also feels what I Am feeling..

Mother Too Mother

Meeting Miss Carrie in the Wedding scense was such a delightful & emotional Moment for Miss Molly..Here I Was Miss Molly Loving Josephine as my own child & Now I Was Able To Look Miss Carrie In the Eye Which Felt to me Miss Molly as the giving & recieving From One Mother To Another... This was Really Such A Special & Unique Moment in the Show for Me Performing the Role Miss Molly.. T'aint What You Do It's The Way That You Do It. Taint What You Do It's Way That You Do It.T'aint What You Do It's The Way That You Do It That's What Gets Results..

Please Click Here to View Scenes: Miss Molly With Josephine, Miss Carrie & The Cast..

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'Musical' The Glory Of Gospel':

The Sweet Georgia Peach 'Miss Clara Belle Hudman'
This Musical Tells the Story of Music History Starting from African Slavery.
With some of the Spirituals & Gospels that were sang whilst working in terrible conditions in the cotton fields to help them persevere & lift their spirits. Slaves in the fields had every opportunity to invent new songs & devise new tunes. Many Spirituals appear to have been lived experienced & created in this way. Sharing & Showing clearly the struglges that were faced in & through out that moment in time.

Many Spirituals Were suffused with melancholy & were frequently termed the 'Sorrow Songs' . Intensley movin Slow Spirituals Such As .. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child & Knowbody Knows the Trouble I've seen. Reveal the Singers own trials & identification with suffering ...The Theme of Death Ran through many Spirituals.. Gospel Is a type of Religious Folk /Popular music, the origins of which are inextricably bound up with the Development of fundermentalist Religion within rural southern communities in America after the Civil War.. Though Sung by both Afro-American & White Soloists, Groups & Congregations, It has found its Richest Expression in Black Churches & Communities .

Musical DNA
Gospel Songs largely replaced Spirituals yet still has drwn considerably from both..
Bringing forth the Evolution & the transformation with regards to Civil Rights & Music.
How music began to overlap... The Spirituals Meeting The Gospel, The Gospel Meeting The Ragtime, The Ragtime Meeting The Blues, The Blues Meeting The Jazz, The Jazz Meeting The Soul, The Soul Meeting : Well we can Go On & On & On... In some way Shape or Form Musically they all meet at some point. They are all Connected to each other.. Musical DNA...

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View Scenes: Missie Biellie-Dee ~ Miss Clara Belle Hudman

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Glory Of Gospel Live Press..

One Woman Show~Old Time Religion:

Written & Performed By Missie Biellie-Dee Luewis

Old Time Religion is My One Woman Show... Which I Wrote to Perform in Theatres Churches & Halls.. I Am able to adapt My Show to Any Occassion..
Old Time Religion Is a Spiritual Musical Concert, a combination of Negro Spirituals & Gospel Music. Brought together with Verses of Scripture, Original Poetry, Dramatic & Commical Personal Acting Scenes to form a Morning, Daytime, Afternoon, Or Evening Service Celebration.

Rock Ah My Soul
This Is Spiritually Musically & Lyrically Performed By Missie Biellie-Dee, who goes on to Sing Her Praises To The Lord.. Hallelujah.!!! This is sung with songs such as 'Rock A My Soul' 'Knowbody Knows The Trouble I've Seen' 'Power In The Blood Of The Lamb' 'Just A Closer Walk With Thee ' 'Walk In Jerusalem' 'Were You There' 'Precious Lord' "We Shall Not Be Moved' & Many Many Many More Old Time Favourites. The Show Closes With A Reading Of The Lords Prayer... Ouur Father..This is Combined with a Pianist, Hammond Organist, Or Harmonious Quartet/Choir/Band To Form The Old Time Religion Feel & Sound...

I Had A Dream
I Remember all the Hard Work, Dedication, Focus, Discipline the Energy The Excitement & The Inspiration of it all when creating this projcet. It Was Inspired through a Dream that I Had One Night... I felt a certain Magnetic Compulsion to put my energy into This Project At that Moment in time. Writting The scenes & The Poems were a lot of fun especially for me because I Love to Write .. Working together with the Musicians & Seeing it come alive was Fantastic.. Watching My Show Come to Life Amazing.. I wrote this Show In a time in my Life Which Was Physically & Mentally Very Challenging for Me. So I Was able to Channel All of My Energy into Something Creative, Spiritual & Positive.. Which Really helped Me to Remailn Positive, Creative, Inspired, Focused, Realistic, Grounded & Spiritually Connected..

Can I Get A Witness..!!!!
Praise The Lord HAllelujah..

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Piano Nelleco Miss Biellie-Dee Performing Live
Playing the piano for the first time in public Auwchhh..

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