A Joyful Spirit Workshop


A Joyful Spirit Workshop

By Missie Biellie-Dee Luewis
Voice (Piano)

Is to Vocalize & help bring about Awareness Combining Your Spiritual Connection Internally with your Stage Presence PerformanceExternally To Feel& Be Your Inner joy.
Speak Through YourSoul From YourHeart

Take Time To feel Your Joy

What does Joy mean to you..?
What does Joy represent and or reflect in your life.?
What is the difference if any to you between Joy& happiness..?
Have you ever stopped & thought about this question.?
Psst! No looking in the dictionary.. Yes I Am talking to your spirit to your soul..
What Does JOY Mean to You..??

*Please note that these questions are the topics for the workshop Open to discussion*


A Singing VocalWorkshop to give souls who are interested a chance to open & connect with their internal feeling of joy.Instead of focusing on their external.Both serve there purpose in life.Balance is important.Confronting fear & performance anxiety.
In an energetic warm loving group setting..
Enjoying the Feedomof Singing&Performing Spiritual&Gospel songstogether as achoir.

A Joyful Spirit Choir

*You are Welcome I Am Raedy & Willing For I Know that you are able

* Short group dicussion about what Joy Means toy you
Missie Biellie-Dee Shares some of her experiences

*A short physical exercise to help the mind
body spirit & soul to become Centered
A Prayer With Missie Biellie-Dee

* Vocal Warm Up Excercises Together

* Sing the warming up song together focusing on feelings first
Presence Articulation Intent Performance & Clarity

*Seperated into groups..Harmonies Given
Missie Biellie-Dee Will come & Work with each group individually

*Practice Harmonies together as a group

*Perform the songs together as a choir from your souls full of Joy

*Missie Biellie-Dee will alsoSing 2 Songs

The structure of the WorkShop isflexible to change In the Moment!!

Remember ThatConnecting WithYour Inner Joy IsFeeling Life
Feel JoyInner PeaceFeel JoyClarity FreedomFeel Joy Inner Peace
Make Time To Share Your Joy

The Work Shop lasts 2 hours with a 15min Break
After the workshop it is possible tohave a 15min discussion to reflect...Optional.!!
All Songs are sung in English.The Workshop is in English & Dutch..
I Will Do My Best..Auuwch..!!!
Quotes: Missie Biellie-Dee

Spread The Love & Share The Joy

'A Joyful Spirit Workshop' in het Nederlands