18 maart 2011

Old Time Religion

MY ONE WOMAN SHOW ~ Old Time Religion
 Dear Souls

This Is An Open Invitation from Me Missie Biellie-Dee,
I hope that this E-Mail Reaches you in Joyful Spirits... 
I Would Love to see your Beautiful Smiling Faces Experiencing My Joyful Soulfood Show Live.
Please Pass this Invitaion on to As Many Wonderful Souls as Possible... !!!
I Invite you to Come Aboard My Joyful Spiritual Jazzy Musical Gospel Train..
Feel My Joy & Pass it On.. Can I get A Witness... Hallelujah...
To Any Agents , Impressariats Programs & Events I Am Available For Bookings.
Modelling & As Your Unique Singing Hostess..
I Look Forward to Seeing You There. Stay Blessed.!!
Yours Faithfully / Hoogachtend

Peace & Love
Missie Biellie-Dee Luewis

" Old Time Religion "
I Believe In The Power Of Miracles
Concept & Idea Written By Missie B-D Luewis
A  One Woman Show
Old Time Religion .. Is a Joyful Spiritual Musical Theatrical Concert...
A Combination Of Negro Spirituals, Gospel Songs, Musical Soulfood & Spicey Jazzy Old Time Favourites..
Aboard This Gospel Train Old Time Religion Is Lyrically  Musically & Verbally Performed By Missie Biellie-Dee
Singing Her Joyful Praises. Text, Poetry & Songs Sung Such As  Old Time Religion, Precious Lord, Deep River, You'll Never Walk Alone, Oh What A Wonderful World, Love Shine A Light, I Will Survive, Stormy Weather, Say A little Prayer, That's What Friends Are For, To Make You Feel My Love, Cry Me A River, Smile,  Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen, Never Never Never & Many Many Many More Sweet Old Time Favourites... 
Connecting With Ones Own Inner Joy.. Feel the Joy & Pass It On... Can I get A Witness HALLELUJAH..!!!

                                              Peace, Joy, Freedom, Love, & Laughter.. 
                                                    Missie Biellie-Dee Luewis
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